Monday, September 15, 2008

Mint and Chip Ice Cream Cake

Today's Dan's 29th birthday and he wanted an ice cream cake. I found a picture of a mint and chip ice cream cake that Cold Stone does for my inspiration.

Box of Devil's Food Cake
1 Gallon Mint and Chip Ice Cream (Smith's Premium Select Brand)
1 Pint of Whipping Cream - Beat cream, vanilla, and powdered sugar

I baked two 9 inch round Devil's Food Cakes. Let them cool, wrapped them in plastic wrap and froze them. Take one 9 inch round and turned it top side down. Cut ice cream into 1-2 inches strips for layering on top of cake. (I pulled the gallon of ice cream out to thaw a little.) Placed second 9 inch round cake top side down on top of ice cream layer. Wrapped cake in plastic wrap and put back into freezer overnight. Frosted cake with whipped cream and decorated with crushed oreos.


nicole said...

I be over there to have a slice. Looks yummy!

Sarah said...

That looks so delicious. Happy birthday to Dan! He is having one yummy birthday.

Juliekins said...

Great cake. And I agree about the Smith's Select mint chocolate chip. It is one of my favorite ice creams!

Leslie said...

You amaze me everyday!!