Friday, February 26, 2010

Quilt Top for Baby Boy

I love being married to a math wiz. He did all the measurements for this quilt top. He busted out the trig to make sure the seam allowances would be correct. (The triangles had his brain humming.) Who knew that baby boy#2 would have his quilt done before Jacob's. I never did finish Jake's and now I hate the fabric I chose. Someday I might pull it out and finish it. I've learned my lesson... use large squares and a simple pattern design. (Blanket made from leftover scrap pieces.)

Seat Cushion

Why I ever thought this project was a good one... it was very difficult. It took me three days because I kept stopping in fits of frustration. I measured very carefully and made templates but still had issues. First the side band was too short for the seat top and bottom pieces. I let out the band but it was still too shortl. So, I cut some fabric off the top and bottom cushion pieces and redid the band piece but then the band was too long. By this point I didn't care anymore so there is a ripple in the back of the cushion because the band was still slightly too long. I'm hoping the next three cushions turn out better than the first.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hobo Sack

There is a great tutorial here for this hobo sack. I changed it up a bit by using two fabrics and stenciling on the front. I plan to make other bags for other toys. It should be a great way to help Jake learn to spell words and organize his toys. Don't look to close at the top stitch at the top of the bag, my bobbin was giving me fits and I had already picked the stitch out once and I wasn't going to do it again today. Maybe tomorrow I'll fix it so it looks better. Until then here it is...