Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have You Kissed Your Man Today?

I visited with a friend tonight that is single. After talking with her about guy drama, I came home to my sweet husband doing the dinner dishes. I just laid a big one on him. I'm so happy to be past the dating scene and married. I couldn't have found a more perfect man for me. How am I so lucky??? There are so many amazing single woman I know and they just keep plugging along in life. I hope for each of them that they find someone to be madly in love with and who is madly in love with them. I love you Dan! (I hope you still love me after beating you in Scrabble tonight?!!!)


nicole said...

I'm so glad I'm married. I wouldn't ever want to date again. There too much drama in dating.

Ballard and Susan Veater said...

what a sweet are lucky Michelle.