Saturday, August 23, 2008


I finally finished sewing my draperies for our bedroom. Before we could hang them we wanted to paint our room. We were too tired to paint our whole room so we just painted the wall the draperies were going to be hung on. We painted most of the wall. We have vaulted ceiling and no ladder so we just painted to where our arms reached, we'll finish it another day. I just wanted to get my draperies hung. Dan was so kind and moved the existing rod up higher for my tall draperies. I am still working on "fluffing" the drapes to get them to hang right and look good. Here's some photos of my mostly finished project.


Jeff and Betsy said...

Gosh - I just we lived closer to you! Between your two blogs...I want to hang out with you everyday! Next time we're out in SLC, we have to spend time together!!!!

If I send you fabric, will you make me something? :) hehehe!

Jeff and Betsy said...

I meant to say, "I just wish we lived closer..." I blame it on being pregnant! :)

Leslie said...

They look great!! Fit for a Queen!! Good job Mrs Talent!!