Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Craft Fair

A woman from my church asked me if I wanted to make some bibs for a craft fair she is holding at her home. I was a little reluctant because I've never sold anything I've made. I decided it was a good reason to use up fabric scraps I have just sitting around. Plus, I can just use whatever bibs don't sell for my next little one or give them as gifts. It's a win win situation and I may just make a few bucks. I'm not sure what price I should charge per bib. I got on etsy and most are between $6-$10. I thought I'd charge $6 per bib or 2 for $10. Is that high, any suggestions???

Here are a few bibs I've made so far and a changing pad.


Leslie said...

Those are darling! I think the price is great! GOod luck at the fair, i'm sure they will be a huge hit!!