Sunday, September 20, 2009


There is just something pretty about fresh produce bottled sitting on a pantry shelf. A friend came over and helped bottle salsa. My sister came to town and helped bottle peached. Dan helped me bottle pears and peach jam. We are feeling very productive around here. I love walking into my pantry and seeing our hard work sitting their. It won't last long around here. We are eating it fast. Dan's going to help me bottle more salsa this week. How many men are willing to spend time in the kitchen bottling salsa with their wives? I'm quite lucky and I like it.

My sister got sick of me calling her about waterbath times that she bought me Blue Book 100th Anniversary Edition - guide to preserving. Thanks Candice!


Candice said...

You're welcome!! It really is a necessity to have a good up-to-date canning book. Miss you! I am going to bottle tomatoes this week. Wish you were here!!