Friday, July 25, 2008

Homemade Soap

I had so much fun making soap with my friend Susan that I'm going to invest in some molds and make more soap. My original plan for them was to use them as Christmas gifts but I have used them as hostesses gifts, birthday gifts, and just because I like you gifts. I have a jar of them in my bathroom and they make the room smell so good. I ordered my fragrances/essential oils from

Here's the recipe for any brave soul that wants to try it.

Cold Process 4.5 Lb Soap Recipe

24 Oz. Water
10 Oz. Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
16 Oz. Coconut Oil
16 Oz. Palm Oil
16 Oz. Palm Kernal Oil
24 Oz. Olive Oil
2 Oz. Castor Oil (Creamy)
2 Oz. Vegetable Glycerin (Lather)
4 Oz. Fragrance/Essential Oil

1- Measure lye, while stirring slowly lye to water. Stir until dissolved (Use glass or sturdy plastic container)

2- Measure Palm, Coconut, Palm Kernal & Olive Oil into large stainless steel pan. Heat until melted

3- Measure Glycerin, Castor and essential or fragrance oil and set aside.

4- Decrease the temperature of water/lye mixture and oils to 120’ – 130’. You can use cold water baths to speed this process

5- When correct temperatures are achieved, slowly pour water/lye mixture into oil mixture while stirring.

6- Stir by hand for 15 minutes

7- Then alternate hand stirring and stick blending every two minutes.

8- When mixture reaches the trace stage, add fragrance oil, castor and glycerin oils. Mix completely.

9- Pour into mold and insulate with blanket or towels for 24 hours

10- Un-mold and slice in desired sizes – Makes about 24 bars


Liz Cox said...

Michelle, you're a crazy woman! I can't believe how many things you've been doing. That's awesome.