Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amy Butler's - Little stitches for little ones

I ordered myself an early birthday present from Amy Butler's fabulous site. It's a book called Amy Butler's little stitches for little ones. It has 20 keepsake sewing projects for babies and moms. I had so much fun browsing it this morning as Jake took his nap. I can't decide what to make first. The projects range from Snuggle Wrap Blankets, Crib sets, cute booties, bibs, diaper bags, quilts, laundry bags, building blocks, toys, photo albums, etc. It is the coolest book. I'd recommend it to anyone.


Ben and Sarah said...

I just bought a cute pattern to make some aprons and I found a great online fabric shop,, which you might already know about. It's nice because you can buy small amounts. They sell some cute patterns too. I got my pattern from etsy, but I just noticed they're selling it too (it's the emmeline apron). Can't wait to see what you make from that new book!