Friday, February 26, 2010

Seat Cushion

Why I ever thought this project was a good one... it was very difficult. It took me three days because I kept stopping in fits of frustration. I measured very carefully and made templates but still had issues. First the side band was too short for the seat top and bottom pieces. I let out the band but it was still too shortl. So, I cut some fabric off the top and bottom cushion pieces and redid the band piece but then the band was too long. By this point I didn't care anymore so there is a ripple in the back of the cushion because the band was still slightly too long. I'm hoping the next three cushions turn out better than the first.


Rachel said...

I love the chair! Where did you find it? The seat cushion looks great. You always have great taste in fabrics. Miss you guys!

Keeping My Cents said...

Looks great to me.